of miche and men: a sydney food blog

as ‘of miche and men’, I am eating, drinking and people-watching my way through cafes, restaurants and small bars to provide frank sydney food reviews. particularly besotted with the simple things: good gelato (bless you, Messina), good shiraz (although I’ll probably drink it even if it’s not), good bread (Sonoma miche, anyone?) and of course good coffee. waiting for the day when Terry Durack and Jill Dupleix give up their crowns as sydney’s foodie power couple. a firm believer in the idea that food shouldn’t have to travel. a reader of good living, sydney food blogs, and recipe books on sleepless nights. more likely to gossip about miche than men. often found amidst a chaotic pyramid of mess in the kitchen, guided by bill granger, neil perry or stephanie alexander.

2 thoughts on “of miche and men: a sydney food blog

  1. heline on said:

    There is a new upmarket cafe opened in camperdown called bion cafe.. its off parramatta road on the corner of layton and lambert street.. the chef there is a friend of mine and you can quite possibly say that I am trying to upsell him but u have to try his clean food flavors with his attention to detail for urself.. they have been open only for a week o so now but you have to try their range of breakfast options my personal favourite is the persian breakfast, the salmon stack and the tuna salad for lunch.. seems like a lotta amazing chefs have not been given enough credit and my friend at bion cafe and restaurant is one of them..

    Hope u like the food there..

    Thank you

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