Sonoma Bakery Cafe, Glebe

Picture this: it’s a cold, dreary Monday morning. You should be on your way to work. Instead, you’re on your way home from the doctor, who has ever-so-kindly informed you that after your brief foray into recovery from a one-month long flu, you have caught a cold and need to rest in bed for the next three days. Unfortunately, you’ve already worked your way through several seasons of trashy television boxsets, read every delicious and gourmet traveler magazine since 1983 and actually, really just want to go back to work.

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Faced with the prospect of another day in bed, you’re feeling more than a little sorry for yourself as you walk past Sonoma on Glebe Point Road. If today isn’t a day for some carbohydrate-filled goodness, then no day is.

The Sonoma Cafe is a tiny space, but it’s packed with goodness. A few tables sit nestled into the wall and window, with your typical Glebe residents: yummy mummies with toddlers and toast crumbs in tow, twenty somethings with dogeared Penguin Classics who should be smoking a cigarette and drinking an espresso in Paris and the occasional regal elderly woman enjoying a midmorning tea and brioche with style. It’s always hard to snipe a spot, but it’s well worth it for the cosiness factor. Behind the counter a bevy of beautiful baristas stand chatting and pouring and toasting and delivering lattes and buttery pastries into the hands of hungry Glebe residents. The breakfast blackboard menu is simple and, of course, focused on the bread – toast with avocado, spiced ricotta, jam, butter or vegemite. And then there are the pastries – I’ve been known to give in to the sweet nothings of their apricot danish, which oozes custardy goodness, or the fruit brioche dotted with little rounds of white candy like the cupcakes at your fifth birthday party.

Today I’m in the mood for simple. I opt for the namesake of this blog – Sonoma’s signature Miche sourdough, toasted with lashings of butter and jam ($5). And a latte, of course. I tried the whole “cutting back on caffeine” thing when I first got sick, finding a) I didn’t get better and b) I was very unhappy and c) When I went back onto caffeine I nearly had a panic attack. Not. Good. Lesson learned.

The coffee is delivered promptly but the toast takes a while. I don’t mind. I’m happy to stand and watch the world go by. A girl comes in and orders a skinny cap with half a sugar, pays, and stands back to wait. I watch her eyes as they’re drawn to the pastries. When she picks up her coffee, she casually adds a muffin to her order. Quite frankly, you’d be silly to walk away from here without trying something from the cabinet.

The coffee ($3.50, from Single Origin Roasters) isn’t the best I’ve had here but it’s still pretty good. Smooth and rich, with a slightly fruity aftertaste. It’s pretty much gone by the time they call my name for the toast.

Miche with Butter and Jam, Latte

When my toast arrives, I know I’ve made the right choice. Even when toasted the Miche is, as always, moist and nutty, slightly sweet and caramelly. There’s a reason it’s the namesake for this blog. It’s oozing with butter and coated in a thick layer of mixed berry jam, dotted with little parcels of berry deliciousness that pop in my mouth. It’s a generous serving of two large thick slices. I eat it all quickly in St John’s Park, watching enviously as people unenthusiastically slope off to work for the day.

Afterwards, I too am drawn back into the cafe on my way home to bed. I smile sheepishly (“just back for some bread!”) and order a loaf of Miche to take away. After all, it’s that kind of day.

Sonoma Bakery Cafe

215A Glebe Point Road

Glebe NSW 2037

(02) 9960 2166

Sonoma Bakery Cafe on Urbanspoon

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